Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo

Need a place to spend a few hours with your young children? Want a fun place that will engage their minds, bodies, and imaginations?

Check out the Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo.

Geared toward children seven-years-old and younger, JMZ was voted 2007’s “Best Place to Take Kids on a Playdate,” the JMZ has a wonderful museum filled with hands-on science experiments, a crawling area, and information about energy creation and conservation. Through play, children learn about physics, math, geometry, and earth science. An added benefit for homeschoolers is socializing with other children!

The zoo houses many rescued animals, including bobcats, snakes, bats, fish, and a peacock. Native plants and lizards surround a beautiful solar-powered fountain.

One of the favorite indoor is the tennis ball ramp, which is comprised of gears, a large screw, overhead tubes, and wheels. Other popular exhibits include the hand-cranked fans (demonstrating wind power) and the animal den filled with stuffed animals and logs.
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The JMZ offers science programs for the groups, as well as classes, summer camps, and birthday parties for families.

The museum sits next to Rinconada Park, which has two play areas—one fenced-in on the parking lot side only and the other completely fenced, as well as picnic tables, benches, and loads of grass for running and playing.

Entrance to the JMZ is free, although a small donation of $3 per person is requested, and is well worth it.

Pack a picnic and a camera, and spend the afternoon at the Junior Museum & Zoo!

Article by Sarah J. Wilson


  1. Sounds fantastic! Now, if only I can get over there from Oz...

  2. I especially enjoyed lighting the city scape with bicycle pedal power. I loved sharing both Grandsons delight in all the hands-on science exhibits! This is a great destination for all.