Friday, March 25, 2011

Homeschooling Gift Idea: Avoid Batteries

So many toys and games require batteries to operate. Yet, interestingly enough, the more batteries required, the less imaginative and engaging the toy often is.
Naturally, exceptions do exist, such as train sets, motorized building sets, and the like. But, for the most part, battery-operated toys either do too much for the child or do very little.
A better idea is to avoid batteries as much as possible. Instead, find toys and activities that require a child to actively participate in play.
Talk with the parents if you are unsure of the child's interests, abilities, or what they may already own.

A creative gift might include puppets packed in a large box, big enough to make a puppet stage. Include some fabric scraps and glue, and the child will spend endless hours creating and experimenting.

With the building sets, include a large fabric or plastic mat for the pieces to get dumped onto when playing. This will make clean up much easier, and avoid tiny pieces hiding in the carpet, only to get vacuumed up later.

As always, a gift of your time added to the present will be most appreciated. You could sit and build alongside a youngster. Or participate in a story created with dolls. Or assist a budding chef in the kitchen, helping where needed.

Remember, a gift does not have to be expensive, the "latest thing," or big to be cherished. It need only come from the heart, with thought and love.

Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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