Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Organize Your Homeschool with Collaborize Classroom

Looking for a new way to organize your homeschool? Perhaps you're running a co-op class or two, and want to engage your students between meetings? Maybe you want to encourage your student to explore new ideas and information, but meet with resistance when doing so one-on-one?

Collaborize Classroom, a free online learning platform from Democrasoft, might just be the tool you need to make your homeschooling experience more enjoyable and successful.

Designed for traditional classrooms, Collaborize Classroom easily lends itself to the homeschool environment. Whether you want to posit questions for your student to write about or you want to involve many students in discussions, voting, or collaboration, you can do it all with Collaborize Classroom.

Collaborize Classroom also will send you a weekly update on the progress of your students. You can see what they're working on, what they've missed, and adjust your homeschool plan accordingly.

Another good use of Collaborize Classroom is sharing information. For example, as homeschoolers, we come across endless recommendations for websites, books, and games to enhance our students' learning experiences. Instead of telling your student about them or emailing them, start a "discussion" about them. Your student can check out the resource, write about it, vote on favorites, and better take control of his or her own education.

If you're running a co-op class, especially one with an academic bent, Collaborize Classroom is ideal for keeping students immersed in the learning process between meetings. They can work together on projects, share infomation, ask questions, follow up on ideas presented in the class, and more, all in a private and safe environment.

Click here to more about Collaborize Classroom. You can also learn more on Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up for your free account (which Collaborize Classroom promises will always remain free) here.

Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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