Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crayon Physics

Our guest blogger today is my eldest son. He originally wrote this review for the California HomeSchooler, the member-magazine of the HomeSchool Association of California.

Crayon Physics is a game where you have to draw a line with your pointer, which looks like a crayon on the screen, to get a ball to a star. Sometimes you draw a line or an odd shape, like a polygon, or a circle.

When you get to higher levels, you get rockets. If they get hit on top, they take off.  If they stay in one place too long, they blow up.

Crayon Physics starts off easy. It takes a certain amount of stars to get to a new level.

Everything is made of crayon drawings.

I like it because every time your ball falls away, you get it back. Sometimes they give you hints what to do.

I think other kids would like this.
(Note: Crayon Physics was the Independent Games Festival Grand Prize winner in 2008.)

Article posted by Sarah J. Wilson

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