Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homeschooling Gift Idea: Museum Memberships

Homeschoolers love museums.

With classes, hands-on exhibits, and well-informed docents, museums provide interaction with a subject that no book or lecture ever could.
Homeschoolers know this, and take full advantage of their local museums.
Unfortunately, some museums can be pricey, especially when entire families are paying for admission.
So, a perfect gift for the homeschooling family in your life is a museum membership.
But which museum should you choose?
First, ask the parents what the family is studying and where the children's interest lie.
Second, do a quick online search of museums in their area with those interests in mind. You could search "San Francisco museums" or "Houston children's museums" or "Charleston science museums," for example.
Next, look at your museum-of-choice's membership offerings. Some offer gift memberships. Some include guest passes with the family memberships (so you can join in the homeschooling museum experience). Others even offer reciprocal entry at a discount or for free to other museums in the area, the state, or even the nation.
To make the gift more special for the family to open, purchase a book or game related to the museum and pop the membership information in with it. For instance, a book about Monet would go well with an art museum membership, while a game of Senet would work with an Egyptian museum membership. 
Finally, get ready for heartfelt thanks for your thoughtful and useful gift!
Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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