Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Best of the Best" DVD

Much of the entertainment aimed at kids is mindless, flavorless schlock. The DVD Best of the Best - Especially for Kids, however, engages children and adults alike, with its creative animations, clever storylines, and thought-provoking animated shorts.

Funded by the National Film Board of Canada, the nine films include two Oscar® winners and six nominees. This eclectic mix includes Every Child, The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin, Blackfly, The Cat Came Back, The Sand Castle, The Owl Who Married a Goose, Evolution, Christmas Cracker, and Monsieur Pointu.

Every Child tells the story of a baby who mysteriously appears on the doorstep of a busy executive, who then hands off the baby to an elderly couple (with a very dramatic dog), who then hand of the baby to a melodramatic operatic couple, who then. . . What will happen to this child? Will anyone ever love him?

The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin puts a new spin on the Cinderella tale with penguins cast in all the roles. Even the coach horses are penguins. The story remains a moving testament to true love and having the right-sized flipper.

In Blackfly, a folk singer recounts his battle with black flies in the woods of north Ontario. The catchy song and clever animation make this one a favorite.

Many people are familiar with the song The Cat Came Back, but watching hapless Mr. Johnson try to get rid of this deceptively charming kitten is hilarious. Will he ever be free of the little yellow feline?

The Sand Castle is sure to inspire creative sand-play at parks and beaches. The sandman builds fantastical creatures out of sand, which then in turn build an amazing sand castle.

Based on an Inuit legend, The Owl Who Married a Goose is both a visual and aural treat. Colors and shapes flow together, forming new scenes and evoking emotions, against the sing-song storytelling.

Evolution gives a new take on human evolution. Where did humans really come from? The answer would give any evolutionist a good laugh.

Unlike the other films, Christmas Cracker contains three shorts, each with a playful take on Christmas.

Finally, our hero in Monsieur Pointu experiences extraordinary challenges when playing the violin. His clothes and instrument seem to have minds of their own, as they grow, shrink, and jump about, all while Monsieur Pointu good-naturedly plays beautiful music.

Experience what children’s television should be. Check out Best of the Best.

Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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