Friday, April 22, 2011

"Zenschooling," by Tammy Takahashi

Homeschooling, like life, can quickly become an overwhelming endeavor. All too often, we concern ourselves with comparing ourselves to others, trying to gauge where we rate, instead of allowing ourselves to simply experience the journey with all its ups and downs.

Tammy Takahashi's latest book, Zenschooling: Living a Fabulous & Fulfilling Life Without School, shows us how to relax and allow learning to happen naturally. Guided by her studies in Zen Buddhism, Ms. Takahashi approaches life as a series of opportunities to release our death-grasp on the fears and attitudes which limit our openness to new experiences and different points of view.

Chapters such as " Finding the Perfect Education," "When Parenting and Education Collide," "Getting Things Done and Increasing Efficiency," "Cultivating Patience," among others, will resonate with homeschoolers struggling to create the "perfect" learning enviroment for their children, while trying to juggle the realities of day-to-day life.

Ms. Takahashi peppers Zenschooling with Zen koans, proverbs, and insightful tales of Zen masters and their students. These koans, proverbs, and tales add a deeper dimension to the topics being discussed, often offering a humorous take on common worries.

Despite her humor, Ms. Takahashi doesn't shy away from her own struggles. Her honesty about her life allows us to see ourselves in her words, opening us up to better learn from her advice.

Zenschooling is not a "how-to" book of homeschooling. It doesn't give step-by-step instructions on curriculum or planning. Instead, it gives us a more healthful approach to homeschooling, by placing it in its proper context within our lives, and teaching us how to let go of the unnecessary weight we attach to our efforts and place upon our children.

Ms. Takahashi is also the author of Deschooling Gently.

Article by Sarah J. Wilson


  1. Sarah:

    As usual,a very informative article. 'Homeschoolers' need all the help and encouragement they available.


  2. I love this! I would really like to read this book, Thanks for the review!