Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Homeschooling Gift Idea: Consumables

Homeschoolers go through a lot of consumables and supplies.
What are consumables? Anything that can get used up: paper, pens, paint, glue, glitter, craft sticks, and so on.
Just like traditional schools, these supplies are needed for a multitude of projects, and they need replacing often.
While a ream of paper may not sound exciting for a present, what about a roll of butcher paper with crayons? Or packs of colored paper and pens?
Check with the parents to see what is needed and what is appropriate for the children's ages and interests. Then head to your local art or office supply store and go nuts.
If you are artistically inclined, you could include a one-on-one lesson with your gift. Or you could also offer to pay for an ability-appropriate art class. Ask the parents if they could use art or graphic software. Including a book about art, drawing, or cartooning would also be welcomed. Add in a trip to a local museum or a special exhibit. You could also volunteer to take the children on a nature walk with the roll of butcher paper and crayons, and do rubbings as you discover interesting leaves and textures.
If the gift is for a budding writer, you could include a book or two from a favorite author. Or, you could include a style manual, submission guidelines to magazines of interest, or a book on journaling. If you are comfortable with writing, you could offer to be a gentle reader of their work. Software or online programs geared to young writers might be useful. Also, check for any age-appropriate writing classes in their area.
A little imagination is all it takes to turn a seemingly ordinary gift extraordinary.
Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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