Monday, March 28, 2011

Prompts for Writers

We all want to encourage our children to write, to learn the value and satisfaction of self-expression through the written word. But many children push back when given writing assignments.

Just like any other learning, writing is only interesting when it has value. Most school assignments are dull, completed only to finish them and get a grade. While the student ideally learns the mechanics of writing through these exercises, he rarely learns the love of writing.

One way to inspire your writer is to give writing prompts. Prompts are suggestions, ideas, or even just a word or two designed to get the writer thinking and writing. The final product need have nothing to do with the original prompt. The purpose of the exercise isn't to get the "right" answer, but to simply write.

The blog, Prompts for Writers, offers ideas for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and dramatic writing. With suggestions stemming from the seasons, current events, literature, random words, music, and more, your budding wordsmith will find plenty inspiration, as may you.

You can also follow Prompts for Writers on Twitter @WritePrompts.

So, get comfortable, read some prompts, and write away!

Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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