Saturday, March 19, 2011

Free Paper Toys from The Toymaker

The Toymaker website is full of beautiful, clever, and completely free paper toys to make. Created by artist Marilyn Scott Waters, each folded or cut toy is printed from a pdf file onto your own paper. You do the cutting and the folding and sometimes gluing of specific pieces. Some are quite detailed and take a careful hand, others are easier for younger hands. The pieces are usually well marked so you can figure out what goes where. You may wish to make some for younger children while older children may want to do the cutting themselves. These toys will appeal to kids and adults with whimsical tastes.

Some of our favorites include the Penny Butterfly, the Marble Mice, and the Window to Fairyland. We've also enjoyed a number of the holiday items (not all are toys, really). Just browsing the toys and reading the quotes on each page is a treat in itself.

We often print the toys on light cardstock to make a more sturdy toy. Use a good quality glue if you use cardstock because glue sticks just don't seem to stay stuck. 

Article by Heddi Craft

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