Saturday, March 12, 2011

Books about People Making a Difference

Any education should include learning about people currently making a difference in our world. Reading (or hearing) about regular people who have done extraordinary things teaches all of us that we, too, have that potential.

Children, especially, need to hear this, as they are often inundated with negative views of the world through the nightly news, newspaper headlines, violent video games and movies, and other media. It can be overwhelming.

Numerous stories of heroism, courage, strength, and goodness are just waiting to be read. Many titles are also available as audio books or e-books.

Here is a list of books that are worth investigating:

Stories available online:

People to consider:
Kofi Annan
Jimmy Carter

Places to look for more inspiration:

For families with Wolf scouts, reading three of these books (or any others along these lines) satisfies Achievement 7e: “With an adult, find three stories that tell how people are protecting our world. Read and discuss them together.” While “protecting our world” can be narrowly defined as environmental, especially given that Achievement 7 is “Our Living World,” it can also be interpreted as anything a person is doing to make the world a better place: fighting disease, making a school safer, providing education to people who want it, giving blood, helping refugees, and so much more. We are part of this “Living World,” and we need to honor those that make it safer, healthier, kinder, and stronger.

Article by Sarah J. Wilson

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